Black Ops II Xbox 360

This is a threat to share your best way of ranking up fast (legit methods only please)

Best I have so far are

1. Play KC 100 the kill plus tags

2. Know and complete your challenges

3. Prestige your guns as it restarts the gun xp

4. Dom cap you flags capping B Dom on start is 500xp for example

Other tips are very welcome.

cheers one and all gallp

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I can't believe it takes a bonus points incentive to get players to cap B flag in Dom.  That has always been priority #1 for me and my friends.  Too bad we are six CODs deep on the 360 and people still can't get this through their thick skulls.  They still sit on A or C with their thumbs up their buttholes while the other team lays all over B and eventually wins. They need to have Treyarch hold their grubby hands and teach them how to play the objective. Sad.

Back to the OP. Those are effective methods.  No prestige also helps.  Prestige is just for the ADD kids who need to be patted on their backs every three seconds.  Rank up and stay at the top!  COD4 through BLOPS2 - never prestiged!!

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SixFour, you wasted your life at the same pristege.  How sad!

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Thx for comments....this thread assumes the reader wishes to prestige, which of course many do not.

In this game prestiging your gun resets the gun challenges and gives an excellent opportunity to earn xp from gun ranking.

For those interested I find following the original post almost doubles my score per game. Was playing Dom and TDM.

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I agree, though my solution for fixing Domination is to remove it from your global K/D ratio. Actually only TDM, FFA, and KC matches should count twards your global K/D. I find that every dang room seems to have 2 or 3 guys in it to "Boost" up the K/D and its easy to see who they are!

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SixFour wrote:

I can't believe it takes a bonus points incentive to get players to cap B flag in Dom. 

I like it.  I don't think of it as incentive to get people to go for the B flag first, but a reward since that is one of the hardest things to do in Domination.  I like that the nearest neutral flag is only worth 50, since that is no challenge.

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Easier method: nuketown 24/7, kill lots, and play the objective.

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Thankyou great idea should have thought of this myself.

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Oh or hijack

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I did this during double xp weekend and prestiged once.

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