Black Ops II Xbox 360

Hey guys idk if anyone is having the same issue. I looked through the forums but unfortunately couldn't find anything regarding. maybe I missed it so sorry for double posting fi that is the case.

I am working on camos, trying to get the last few bloodthirties and the last two games I played I got 2 BT in one game and 4 in the other so technically I should have 6/10 but instead I am still at 2/10.

Anyone else haivng these issues or know of a bug that is causing this? thanks!

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well ive seen alot of complaints on this matter im glad  i did all that long time ago but just to make sure i noticed when i was going for BT's make sure you dont get any kills with anything else like the knife ,nade or secondary that messes it up but if you arent doing any of these mistakes them bummer man that sucks hope they fix it

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Actually, that is incorrect.  For the camo bloodthirsties you just need to get 5 kills with your desired gun in 1 life. You can get kills with nades and equipment, melee or any other weapon in between, but so long as you get 5 without dying you will get the credit.  I'm not 100% sure on this next bit, but I don't think you can use stuns/flashes/shocks on an enemy and then shoot them and have that count.  I'm pretty sure that's why a couple didn't count for me back when I did the SVU all those months ago. That's the only thing I can think of that might be the cause of the OPs problem

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Make sure you get the BT with ONLY the gun. If you get 4 gun kills and then a knife kill and the BT message pops up then it won't count.  But you can split it up,meaning if you get a BT like described above but then get another gun kill it will count. You have to get 5 gun kills in one life.

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