Best example of lag comp. Devs, please watch

Black Ops II Xbox 360

RatedM wrote:

It'll sink in when the devs eventually wise up and REMOVE THE BLOODY KILLCAM. Smiley Wink

WaW was the first reason I loved the series. The killcam going into blurry/ focus mode was very cool.

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why are they in the game then? waste of bandwidth if you ask me.....

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So did you even watch the video?

In real time he should have had the kill, but wasn't even registering hit markers. In the playback he had barely even started shooting before he got knifed, and the player was offset to the side.

You're telling me that the most accurate representation of what happened is in real time, yet there is no reasonable explaination as to why he died the way he did. Theater on the other hand shows a slightly different representation of what took place, and it makes perfect sense why he didn't get the kill.

Somehow theater is not accurate? Yeah, ok

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Maybe you're right... so what? Look at the real time gameplay, don't you see the lag, because I do?

Explaing people that theater isn't accurate is pointless, why? Because it doesn't make lag disappear. No matter if theater is 100%, 50% or 10% accurate, lag is still there and you can not deny it.

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You understand that developers won't read this?

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well first off muzzle flash isn't lined up with every shot. he got 4 shots off. 2 hit. 2 missed. How did the 2 miss? went through his arm and his body.

All this says to me is Blops 2 is so accurate it can decipher to area between the arm and and armpit.

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i'm afraid you're wrong. The slow mo shows 7 shots 7 flashes and you hear 7 shots. I dont understand how you're meant to play a game when what you see isn't what you get?

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Man maccabi youre on these forums so much have you even played the game cause if you had you would quickly realize something about black ops 2 is off and it is with the lag comp cause even when mw3 first came out it was off and they fixed it these devs think that its normal for someone to shoot a billion bullets into someone only for the enemy to turn and kill you

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haha, this happens to me EVERY time I shoot at someone. It's almost I see someone and instatnly I die.

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I for one don't see why it matters at all whether or not the killcam or theatre playback is accurate. That's always the first thing out of someone's mouth, "The killcam is not accurate!" Yeah, well nothing is accurate in this game. We know that nothing you see on your screen is anywhere near accurate and now supposedly the killcam/theatre mode is not accurate. Well what the hell is accurate in this game? Anything?

Black Ops 2 is just as broken as MW3 was/is.

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