Black Ops 2 Review (V. Long)

Black Ops II Xbox 360

Plenty of mindless chickens in HC lol but the best part is getting the kill when you shoot first, that alone is why I play HC.

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Short review, easily the second worst to date, said i was going to try it again and i have, it's god awful in so many ways.

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agree 100%. nice review

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Good review, I agree on all points.

One thing you said has rung especially true that I hadn't thought about before is having fun.

On MW3 we used to have a right giggle, messing around with different guns and generally enjoying ourselves. Now we play in near silence with occasional expletives and position callouts.

I've also noticed nobody has a 'favourite' map anymore, just ones that we hate (Afterturd, Drone) and ones that are a playable.

One other thing that I feel very let down by is the shotguns, compared to the likes of the SPAS, KSG (non slug), USAS, Model etc they're just embarrassingly bad. I used to love running around with them, but even the R870 gives me CQC hit markers on HC!

If it wasn't for the move to HC, I'd have knocked this on the head a long time ago.

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Nicely written review and I have to agree. When I play with my friends, it's nothing but dead silence outside of the "[slang term for same sex lovers here] is behind you that just killed me", or lots of expletives and yelling in the mic. I don't even play with my mic on unless it's with friends. Only VERY VERY VERY VERY rarely do I plug my mic in when friends are not on.

I've said it a lot (not on here) and you can call me a whiner, baby, bad player, etc, etc, but eSports is ruining gaming. Now all anyone cares about is how someones K/D or W/L is, what text colour their weapon/armour is, or if they're world first or not. Ranking systems do this too (looking at you, Leaderboards.

As for maps, I don't like a lot of them, especially the DLC maps. Lots are nothing but a campers wet dream (looking at you Mirage and Slums). It's so bad I have to resort to camping, which I dislike doing but sadly, a necessary evil.

Once I hit Prestige Master, I am done with this game and done with the CoD franchis as a whole. Maybe even FPS's also. Doom for the PC was the first FPS I, like a lot of others, played. After this, I think I'll be going back to hardcore RPG nerd. Never has a game ever made me hate a whole genre. Not even the original E.T. for the Atari.

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Good Review!

I'm still hoping that Treyarch finish the game they started

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