Casual Gaming Buddy - Please read

Black Ops II Xbox 360

Australian player seeking a general gaming buddy for Black Ops 2, no specific K/D ratio or headset requirements just looking for someone to get into some teamwork with, can cover your back while you're sniping or whip out an assault shiled to cover against incoming fire, interested in teamwork, flying solo in Black Ops 2 sucks.

My main focus is core team-deathmatch, profile is obviously called Yasker Hawk, if you're keen to pair up add me via xbox live and message me or simply let me know by replying here. I am not really chasing a clan at the moment, need to improve my skills before even considering applying for something like that, for now just seeking casual gaming buddy.


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Xbox live - public match - find match.

There's a whole wealth of players there Smiley Happy

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Lol yes I know that gdexter, I'm talking more about someone I can game with in an ongoing capacity. Someone I can play with in each match etc. Most of the time the players I get randomly partied with are solo heroes. They run off with a smg in hand and die repeatedly because they're alone, running into a room with 4 enemies in it etc.

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If you wanna play Hardpoint together at any time then you're welcome! trying to assemble a constant team, don't really play anything else apart from Headquarters.

Gamertag: Rebecca Black L

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