Clan Operations: "Your Clan's Performance" issue

Black Ops II Xbox 360

Clan Operations: "Your Clan's Performance" issue

Anyone else having issue with the "Your Clan's Performance" for BO II in ELITE?

When I look under the "Your Clan's Performance" heading it shows the gamertags of my clans and the points they have scored for certain operations (so far it has only been TDM and KC). The issue is that the gamertag is incorrect in correspondence to the number of kills or tags collected.

For instance,

In the TDM op, it showed that I had 0 kills when I had been playing for 2 hours. It showed that another member, which had not played, had over 100 kills. When I clicked on his gamertag, however, it took me to my profile.

Is anyone else having this issue? Can we please get it fixed?


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