Comparing Black Ops with Black Ops 2

Black Ops II Xbox 360

I know the forums have been filled with much complaing, but hey forums are for disscussing. Im here to talk about my opinions on the game.

So at the start of black ops 1 I had little faith in a call of duty game drawing me back in (after the mess that was mw2) but I decided to give it a try anyway. The first thing I noticed about black ops 1 was that the kill times where increased (My favorite thing about BO) to me this added gun skill to game it made it less than a twitch shooter to me. Now of course black ops had some bad things too, but these things where WAY out done by the good things (Lag comp was not introduced in BO.)  Because BO had such a great influnce on me, there was no reason for me not to want to buy MW3. Once Mw3 was released I quickly realized that it had taken out a lot of the aspects of BO that made Call of duty a better game to me. First Mw3 added shorter kill times, Lag comp was introduced, A terriable spawn system was implemented, and the worst part of most of this is that the game was never really patched, which was something BO really came through on was the gun balanceing and patching. After realizing that mw3 was a complete step in the wrong dirction I got my money back.

Black ops 2 came out last tuesday I was not going to buy it. But on wendsday ( the day after it came out) I got the urge to play Call of duty, so I went out and spent 60$ on a game that I was almost sure that I was done with. today as I'm writing this I still think that BO2 is definetly better than mw3, but it still does not give me that feeling that BO orignally gave me. I realize now the game has quite a few bugs that need to be worked out and im sure treyarch will send out a patch soon (If they are still the same company that made BO), but if someone where to ask me tonight or sometime in the future if black ops 2 was worth buying I would say "if you liked mw3 you will like BO2."

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yeah, black ops1 had minor host advantage issues but i could deal with that map design of that game was almost flawless. i liked the idea of having gun skill and better aim would = doing good and a majority of the weapons were balanced out yes guns like the famas and the 74u were a bit better than the rest but if you had no gun skill it didnt matter i dont quite understand why they threw all of what they wanted before out the window.... and the amount of headglitching spots on the maps is astounding like... wow who cares about choke points when theres a choke point at every corner of a room...

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