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Crossbow Tribolt

Getting 500 kills with the Tri-bolt was the worst grind in the game...

Make the crossbow tribolt better it sucks

- increase the spread of bolts at close range..

- when I kill someone with the crossbow I want to pick up a scavenger pack from there dead body...

- why do I appear on the mini-map when I fire the crossbow?

- With the Tri-bolt you only start with two shots (WTF)? 3/3 (bolts)

- decrease the crossbow reload speed...

- increase hip fire accuracy

- Making it overpowered would be increase the splash damage... (it need an increase in splash damage though Smiley Indifferent)

The most annoying gun attachement in the game...

v Sim CO
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Re: Crossbow Tribolt

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I'm working on it as well, just casually. Its pretty brutal even in HCKC, only 2 shots unless I can scavenge more which is rare.

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Re: Crossbow Tribolt

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The single bolt has better effect if you ask me .  and yer total agreement on the 500 kills it dam hard work

but not many use it or complain on here so hopefully this thread gets the attention it needs , it sure do need buffing up ..

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Re: Crossbow Tribolt

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I think all of the special weapons need a bit of tweaking

the crossbow is really weak compared to the BO1 crossbow

its stupid if you shoot the ballistic knife you pop up on the map

and why is it that the Riot Shield on MW3 helped protect you from explosives while the assault shield really offers little to no explosive protection.

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Re: Crossbow Tribolt

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Also the assault shield needs better knifing protection. I cannot count how many times I have been knife swiped and killed across the front of the shield. All the same I think the knife should take two stabs if you have Shield in hand as it takes two bumps with the shield.

In regards to the tribolt xbow, the ammo needs a buff tremendously. It's ridiculous to only get 2 shots with that and it's not even that strong of a weapon.

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Re: Crossbow Tribolt

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The combat knife and ballistic knife is powerful enough and I'm happy with it.    However, I think the assault shield and crossbow needs some buffs.  The assault shield needs to be buffed to sustain more bullet damage.   The crossbow needs a lot more ammo and the blast radius needs to be increased.   As of now, the crossbow is one of the most worthless weapons in the game.

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Re: Crossbow Tribolt

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I respectfully disagree with this post almost entirely. Tri-bolt is easy mode. I rarely ever miss or not get the kill using tri-bolt. Diamond crossbow, btw.

Now the only thing I agree with is that 500 kills is a big grind compared to the other challenges. For instance, the grenade launcher needs far less kills to complete.

I was very good with the crossbow in BO1, so maybe I have a skewed viewpoint, but I feel the crossbow in BO2 is similar and even has less of an arc so is a bit more accurate at mid-range. Tri-bolt just makes it easy-mode. If you're accurate with 1-shot, tri-bolt means you never miss those ones you'd normally miss an inch to the left or right. Frankly tri-bolt makes my crossbow aim worse because it's so forgiving.

Blast radius is fine. It's more about sticking people than blowing them up by shooting walls next to them, since it takes 2 explosions anyway. Tri-bolt just makes killing with exploding darts near people easier because now you have 3 explosions instead of 1.

Scavenging bolts is no big deal, just shoot your crossbow twice then switch to weapon of choice and scavenge a kill or two, then you're back up and running.

As far as hip-fire, I try not to use my crossbow in CQB anyway, I'll switch to a different gun usually. The danger of blowing myself up is too great. Mid-range is where the crossbow really shines, maybe try using it for those engagements and you might have more luck and a better experience. It's also great at taking out snipers if they're sitting in a room where you can stick the cieling and blow them up.

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Re: Crossbow Tribolt

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The crossbow explosion is way to weak. I stuck a guy with and arrow who backed into a corner trapping two of his own teammates but only he died. And the other two were fine. He was basically sitting on both of them haha.

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