Black Ops II Xbox 360

Are those modified controllers legal to use?? Because I hear people complain about them, and what they do to the weapons just seems unfair to those who don't use one.. I get very sick of getting into a gunfight with someone who has a FAL or a five-seven pistol and they are fully automatic.. I shoot first, with pretty decent accuracy, yet they blow me away.. They jump like some sort of NBA star and then hit the ground on their stomach and I'm standing there wondering what the heck is going on.. Sorry for complaining, but was curious if those controllers are actually allowed.. Thanks

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No the modified controllers are not legal, but like I mentioned in my previous post it is like pulling teeth to get Xbox Live Enforcers, Treyarch, or Activision to actually do anything about any of the cheats or hacks.

I've watched a youtube video that shows a guy from Xbox Live Enforcers state that they investigate every single complaint filed... I call out BS on this. If that was the case there wouldn't be any nasty or dirty playercards, and you wouldn't get people going 41 - 2 in a Hardcore Team Deathmatch.

It's such a shame that people have to do this, and totally pathetic that they actually think they are good because they let a cheat do the work for them.

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Is there such thing as hacking for educational uses?

Because i want a answer before i do anything i would prefer to do it on

CoD WaW please answer

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Sure, yeah you can hack for educational reasons. If you don't mind getting banned on WaW, then go for it. Why not?

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The most like reason you are banned, kaces, is probably because you did something and you just didn't realize it. Either that or their system malfunctioned and you got banned for no reason. But, like you said, you haven't played this game in about a year, so it's no big deal, right?

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Just don't do it again.

I feel sorry for you man.

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