Do alot of people still play this game anymore????

Black Ops II Xbox 360

I was wondering do alot of people still play this game even though COD Ghosts came out and XBOX ONE and PS4 and GTA 5????

And i was wondering will alot of people still play Black ops 2 until next year since im grounded for a year......

Its my only Call of Duty game I have got with BF3 and FiFa 12.

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Yes, a lot of people still play.

Every month it will go down though as more people get Ghost and Xbones

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Every time I am on the game around peak hours, I will see at least 200,000 peeps. But the Gentlemen underneath me is correct, as time goes on less people will end up playing this game.

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i dunno that many will be playing a year from now, but right now? sure, plenty of people playing

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It will diminish but there are many who are appalled at Ghosts that will keep playing this until a better option comes out.

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