Does the grip really help ?

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Re: Does the grip really help ?

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i've noticed a diff in these situations
1. burst weapon and equip select fire.
2. lmgs with a scope
3. scorpion
4. smgs with rapid fire

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Re: Does the grip really help ?

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Does the Grip Really Work

A lot of players wonder what the grip does in this game. Some playes swear by it and others say it's worthless. I thought I would take a few paragraphs and explain it better. What the grip actually does in this game is reduce the center speed on the gun you equip it on by 2%.  The source for this information is a video by driftor which, while it explains a lot does not fully comment on what I am going to explain here.

Now in BO2 your recoil is a function of a number of different variables.  It takes a degree in college mathematics to really be able to understand and track them numerically.  Basically, though when you fire the gun it randomly moves the end of your gun and sights off your original target based on the gun you have chosen and some other factors.  Center speed is one of the components of that recoil.  The center speed of the gun is how long it takes the gun to bounce out from it's furthest point and get back on target between shots.  If you fire a single bullet and wait about a 10th of second all the automatic, burst and semiautomatic guns in the game will return to exact center.  However, when you fire multiple shots in sucession full auto or similar, the gun jumps further and further off target with each shot.  Most players copensate for this subconceiously by ajusting their aim with the right thumbstick.

For example the scar H kicks straight up when you shoot it hard. So if you pull the thumbstick down hard it keeps the gun on target despite the heavy recoil.  Now, when you put a grip on the gun, it returnes to center faster between shots.  It's not much faster at 2% but overall, this increases the accuracy of your gun by about 8 to 10% total.  This stems from the way the other variables involved in recoil relate to center speed.  Now, if you take any gun in the game and do a wall test at close to medium range you really won't even notice it and most players won't notice it because your compensation in aims trumps the benifit provided by the attachment. 

In truth, because of the way the sights bounce on a gun in close and the first part of medium range this really won't have any tangible effect on your accuracy.  If the game were real and you were aiming for an opponents crotch at this range.  Without the grip by the time you kill them you would be shooting them at the base of the sternum.  However, if you add the grip you would be shooting them in the belly button.  This is a realistic difference of 6 inches in game out at about 20 meters. Given the size of a human body torso, you will still kill them reguardless of the grip's affect.

The grips affect on accuracy really only changes things tangibly out at distances of 50 meters or further back.  If you load of an automatic weapon with mid to high recoil and do a wall test at this range you will notice a difference in the spread of the bullets. Up close the spread isn't significant enough for it to matter at all. If you want to fire an LMG or assult rifle full auto at long ranges the grip can be a useful attachment.  The slight reduction in center speed can improve your aim enough to get shots on target and get longer range kills. 

However, the way the maps are set up in this game, there are only a handful of lines of sight that long. Even if you are on a line of sight that long, the probability of somebody being there to shoot at is very limited.  Also, you can make your weapon just as accurate at that range by tapping the trigger and firing a few burst instead of trying to hose.   Burst firing the weapon will allow it to recenter on it's own.

So, if you want to hose people at longer ranges with an LMG or Assult rifle, the fore grip can help you slightly.  Otherwise you are just wasting an attachment point and should pick something else.

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Re: Does the grip really help ?

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The only gun I have ever used it on is the Skorpion. I did find it easier to control the recoil with the grip. It didn't seem to help recoil, just made it easier to control. Or at least that was my experience.

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Re: Does the grip really help ?

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I find the grip helps noticeably on the skorpion as well.  Only gun in the game that I found any use for the grip

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