Engineer= superpowered xray vision

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Re: Engineer= superpowered xray vision

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No, because it has always been this way in past games too. In any of the past CoD's you could see the placement of things through the walls if you were using the perk that alerted you to where they are at.

Plus who needs a BH to take them out, just toss a emp in the room, takes them out through the floor, through the wall even if not tossed in the same room as them.

Stop relying too much on those two streaks to get you kills and you will not really care about the BH or emp anymore.

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Re: Engineer= superpowered xray vision

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I don't know if you have used the items you listed because I run black hats and engineer and I'm not able for great distances to use it to hack your stuff. the fact is engineer helps me see your equipment and know your in the room your in camping.i hack your shock charge and run past your Betty and kill you. stop hiding behind equipment and excuses. change your strategy and stop blaming equipment you don't like to use yourself

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Re: Engineer= superpowered xray vision

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nothing wrong with a Sniper or Light Machine Gunner hiding behind equipment. its all part of the game and to be honest it does help to spice things up. this game would be boring as hell if everyone ran around 24/7. I like hunting down "campers" and find it challenging with you find a well skilled "camper". Tryarch did well with this game.

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Re: Engineer= superpowered xray vision

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No. It would make no difference, you could still sweep your view around and find stuff cross-map anyway.

Like others have said, its a great counter to the more stationary tactics, considering the tidal wave of moaning about camping, I think any idea which helps make camping easier will go down like a lead balloon.

Thats not to say I think everyone should mindlessly run around like a headless chicken, no matter how well they'd feed my R870

EDIT: more to the point, it just occurred to me that the overwhelming majority of campers give their positions away with Shock Charges; these things are loud enough that you can pinpoint which entrances they are covering, so you can tell if there is an undefended entrance. Who needs engineer when campers provide you with the aural equivalent

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