Found a possible fix for Lag issues with good connection low ping

Black Ops II Xbox 360

This seemed to help me, your results may vary.

   I live in central Illinois and was using the closest (best) DNS servers I could find to keep my ping low. Was pinging google at about 20ms and using google DNS servers. Out of curiosity, to see what my ping might be if I used a DNS server as far away in the United States that I could get which happens to be Washington state, I changed my DNS server to speakeasy's DNS in Seattle which is with secondary (changed settings in router so I could test).  I then starting pinging google, yahoo, comcast and all were now in the 100ms range. Hmmm. I then went and changed DNS in xbox to the Seattle servers. Popped in BO2 helped......A LOT.........see what you think.

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you are correct sir it helps a little. i usually ping around 10 to 15 but i changed my dns.

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tried it. not really noticing a difference, but I'm a couple hundred miles closer to washington than you

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Didn't do anything. We shouldn't have to do anything to make a game playable.

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