Funniest thing Ever....

Black Ops II Xbox 360


Me and two friends were playing league play yesterday and went up against some master rank 4,5, and 6... So one of their teammates were trying to boot us out while playing Hardpoint on Raid.... So the bad kid aka dumbass booted himself and his whole team plus two of our teammates;however, we won by forfeit.... We laughed our asses off, if your going to use a hack or whatever at least learn how to use it properly, I mean we all know you don't have any skill seeing that you have to use a hack just to win at league play..............

The best way to avoid being booted as soon as you see the connection interrupted pop up even though everyone is green, just shut off your xbox............ 3arc nor activision is going to do anything about the booting nor can they do anything about it, but I'm sure everyone knew that from 3arc "security update" hahahahahahaha

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