Game already has hackers

Black Ops II Xbox 360

Perhaps his games are all hacked too Just kidding.

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I'm not sure, but...

I looked at it in Theater Mode just a while ago by sending him a FR and looking in his recent games. It was like in his last 2 or 3 games played. I don't remember the date the game was played and don't have access to my xbox right now to look again. But I don't think they show up in a players "Recent Games" list but for a week, so I'd guess if I went back and looked it would be a very recent game.

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Lol, def. a hacker, hate to admit it, that was me......No just kidding i wouldn't hack a video game. Its like takin viagra and claiming to be awesome in sex lol. I love how people are all like 'oh the life cylce is almost up so they won't care for hacks......BS, they know that EVENTUALLY people will not buy the next installment, MW2 was hack a thon plus, but as the games get more progressive, the hacks die down. Unless your on PS, cuz you can make a free account whenever you want. Xbox, MS, they will ban hackers.

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Not blind to the world. Its called being a realist.

No software is hack proof. Nobody will EVER make software that is hack proof. So how does that make me blind ? Did I say there was no such thing as hackers ?

Your assumption that just because I say what I said makes me a hacker just goes to show you the lack of intelligence involved in your statement.

Now as for asking for proof, well I am not going to help a person ban someone just because they claimed he was a hacker. There are TONS of claims on this forum that shows people crying the word hacker just because they got their tail handed to them.

Sure there are hackers but it is still rare. Just like the last well known hack that showed up before an extended weekend they crushed that hack within hours.

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