Guy in MP game using a strange knife with claw shaped curved blade ???

Black Ops II Xbox 360

I entered a game last night with a dude who was running around knifing people with this strange claw shaped curved knife that doesn't appear in ANY of the loadout inventory. After looking into it online I found out that it was obviously a "karambit" knife, however that type of knife was only utilized in CoD in a mission on the campaign of the first black ops but there is no information of it being available in this game at all and definitely not for MP use whatsoever. He did not have any type of gun, just this strange curved blade and was running at an obviously MUCH higher rate of speed than everyone else. Being that I cannot locate it in the inventory ANYWHERE i am wondering how he got that knife? It really seemed like he had a hack going to drastically increase his speed but I can't imagine a hack existing to get a weapon that is not even in the game ??

Can someone give me some kind of explanation on this. The dude was straight ravaging people left and right dodging bullets and running right up to you at mach 1 speed and knifing you, killing you instantly. It was really ridiculous.   

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would say, its the ballistic knife, maybe you didnt see it right o3o...

and also  i would say ''pic/vid or didnt happen'' but theater isnt working, and not everyone has a capture card....

probably just a mistake on the ballistic knife, maybe lag comp was on his side.....

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Well I know that I saw it correctly for the simple fact that when I looked up "bear claw shaped knife" and call of duty I was able to locate an image and info of EXACTLY what he was using and that knife in particular happened to actually be used on a campaign mission.

and no I don't have a capture card .. I wish i did because that was just VERY strange.

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Couple of things. Developers in most games, will always have a Gun/Weapon that Marks, they are a Developer. BF3 was the M1911 Silencer/W laser, they also had the, .44 Revolver, with Lasersight/Silencer. The Treyarch team might have this knife, or maybe it's a hidden Weapon, like there's hidden Camos. Never know......

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That went through my mind a couple times concerning him maybe being a dev or maybe just someone who unlocked a hidden weapon.

The speed at which he was running and the strange attire he had on was really out of the ordinary.The chracter he had had these strange wrapppings around his arm almost like a grey white mummy like wrapping up both arms.

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It is used on the Old Wounds mission in BO2.

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If the match is still in your recent games or if you saved it, you can upload a short clip of it to ELITE.

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