Has the Assault Shield gotten even worse?

Black Ops II Xbox 360

Has the Assault Shield gotten even worse?

I've prestiged it twice (just need lvls 5+6 to complete all challenges) and got it diamond, so I'm not aweful with it.

But J Christ, it seems to be made of paper since the patch. Cardboard before the patch to be fair. Normally play HC and it's been impossible lately. I tried a bit of core and it confirmed my suspicions - I'm gettin shot through the shield 90% and dying. Shotguns were doing me the most. Even smg's dropping me instantly - shield taking punishment then I immediately die without warning. BS

The melee has even got worse if that's possible. Aim assist on or off, doesn't matter, it's an automatic miss button now more than ever. You miss once HC point blank you're done for. It looks like I'm phasing straight through players sometimes, nevermind just flying right passed them to give an easy shot at my back. I'm even getting the 'duff' melee connecting sound on occasions, but no hit. ???

On HC, 2 secs infront of a sentry gun now destroys your shield.

I used to have fun using this, but now it's just another 'completely' broken element of the game that makes me wanna sell the damn thing

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