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Historical Event

Not complaining. Just want to say how much I love this game. Good job 3arc.

And yes, I play 90% of the time in custom games. We have come up with a ton

of great game ideas and have run with them all. One happy "Im not a camper" here...

Our latest;

100 kills in 5 minutes. 2 vs 9 veteran ai. Good luck trying...

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Re: Historical Event

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Just to spark discussion. Mind listing some of these out? We might be able to use them for CGNs.

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Re: Historical Event

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Try this one on for size

Nuketown Free for All

Disable custom classes, set one of these up in Preset Operative (with 17 points) and leave the rest blank

  • Knife only, with shock charges and claymores (or bouncing betties).
  • Riot Shields, C4 and Crossbows
  • Riot Shields, Combat Axes and DW Executioners
  • Silenced + Extended Mags S12s
  • Ballistic Knives, Combat Axes and Riot Shields
  • RPG only

Perks are ALWAYS


Fast Hands + Scavenger

Extreme Conditioning + Dexterity

Feel free to toss in Smoke Grenades where you have space for em

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