How Does The Booting/Kicking System Work In BO2?

Black Ops II Xbox 360

So I was playing Black Ops 2 the other day, I was going 25 and 0 in hardcore domination.

I snipe someone across the map through a wall with my pistol, but it happens to be my teammate so I get kicked, I thought it was odd that I got kicked so easily for one betrayal.

So I join another game, wait a few minutes with zero kills and betray my teammates, I manage to kill 3 of them before I get kicked.

Lets compare the games:

  • First Game: I am MVP with zero deaths and I kill one teammate who is behind a wall; his GT not-visible.
  • Second Game: I have zero kills and a couple deaths, I kill 3 of my teammates.

It seems pretty random.

Can someone explain this to me? Why there is no logic in this game mechanic?

What do I mean? Well, randomness doesn't just happen if you don't code something, nothing happens if you don't code anything. This means that the current seemingly random system was made intentionally; someone had to code this aspect of the game.

Does anyone have any information on this?

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What scorestreaks were you using? They sometimes get team kills without you realising.

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I have found its almost always 3 kills then kicked

But i have also come across people who will shoot your c4/betty or claymore and it counts as if you team killed them also i have had it where i have shot at an enemy and hit a team member through a wall or just behind them so you don't even notice that you team killed

there are also idiots that deliberately run into sentary guns and other kill streaks just so you get kicked

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