How does Activision Work?

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I hear so many people saying Black Ops 2 is broken, worse CoD ever, spawn spots and so on. My question is why does the blame go to 3arch when Activision is the Boss? What I'm trying to say if all the CoD's that Trearch has made was trash why Activision don't just allow IW to do all the CoDs? I don't know nothing about  publishing or how it works. Please feel free to explain how this works, as far as license and legal stuff. I know Rockstar makes GTA I don't know no one else makes that game!

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One thing I'll point out is that Treyarch's made the best Call of Duties since Call of Duty 4. And another is that IW really hasn't done many great things since Call of Duty 4.

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3arc developed the game and Activi handles everything else such as advertising and sales.

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I dont want to live in a world where IW take care of all the COD titles thank you

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Activision is only the publishing company they are not really the boss over 3arc or IW. They just help publish the work and get it sold. They really dont have the final say in what goes in the game or not, 3arc and IW have that control for their own games.

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Here are the facts - Activision Annual Report

TLSmiley Very HappyR 3arc is a wholly owned subsidiary of Activision. See the balance sheet.

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Every game is supposedly trash no matter who makes it. People even liked MW2 when it laid there glitch infected for a year and a half.

Only reason they dont have one company make it because they want a release every year and it takes two years to make a COD game.

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This makes complete sence, so Activision Blizzard is the Big Dog and Treyarch and Infinity Ward just are the creators, I would reckon that Activi/Blizzard could tell them what would or would not be marketable in games. I wonder how much say so does Activision have when it comes down to it because they still have to sell it.

@gallp13 that report shows who's in charge, I didn't know that they made so much money so with that said I know for sure if you complain to Activision not Treyarch than maybe you can get results, but long as you complain to David Vonderhaar and Treyarch you will get nowhere. Vonderhaar has to answer to Activision so he doesn't have time to answer to us. Complain to a to vision and I bet things change, they make the most money according to the PDF provided in your post.

All Treyarch can do is what Activision allows them to do and if Activision doesn't want to market that product then Treyarch will make it marketable!

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From personal experience with Activision, depending on what dept you get, you'll get different results. I would definitely agree however with not wasting your time making and/or filing complaints with 3Arc or IW. 

To the OP, I'm not sure anyone really knows outside of the fact that there almos has to be contract(s), and as one person pointed out "games take longer than 1yr"....

From my perspective, people want different and ever-changing things. Whether or not you take to it is personal (see opinions above on IW vs 3Arc). They both offer different game play, and so that keeps things fresh....or frustrating. Either way, you're not required by law to buy either's game, so who's really right?

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It's like anything else. You have the Parent company and then it's subsidiaries. Typically, the Subsidiary is the visionary element, the Parent company is the Budget-concious side.

The "child" company presents ideas to the "parent" company who provides them resources and budget and has final say in decisions.

Treyarch has to work through Activision's deadlines and expectations., which is why I think you see issues on a yearly basis.

Its nothing new in the software industry, however, and I think that is where people are ignorant. They think software should be released bug-free, and until something is deployed on a large scale its nearly impossible to identify all of the issues.

Take, for example, my interaction with a Vendor this past week. I work for a Telecom, we have Multi-Million Dollar Contracts and use large scale delivery services to provide Internet/Communications services. We recently purchased a new technology from this Vendor to support our backbone. The vendor trainer who came to our office was introducing us to the Management software. Now this is million dollar equipment, mind you, and the trainer explained to use they have had hundreds if not thousands of builds of the Management software. And even with all of those, they continue to find issues as its rolled out. And when its rolled out, they will continue to have to do updates. Its the nature of programming, there are ALWAYS bugs.

We pay $60 for the game (Not counting the external stuff like bonus material, the game itself is about $60 US). People complain because of the occasional bug fix/glitch issue. My company paid millions for this high-end technology, and yet we expect there to be problems and occasional updates/fixes.

I think what kills me is that people will complain for just about any reason and not see the other side of the coin. This community is very diverse in what we like and what we don't like. Just read these forums... its a fraction of the community and even here people can't agree on hardly anything. Because its Call of Duty, the issues get blown out of proportion significantly.

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