How to get money back from Season Pass?

Black Ops II Xbox 360

I want my money back for Season pass. -_- If i want to give away 50€ for old maps from previous CoD titles, i would play those titles. Atleast i would get those games as whole for that money.. And yes, i have BO1 and WaW. Im sick of this lazyness and stupidity of Treyarch.. Or atleast they should've been giving those remakes for free!

Atleast Infinity Ward made whole new maps (majority sucks, though, but there was good stuff also) and really gave us "Terminal" for free. But so does majority of BO2 dlc maps suck. Have to admit that I love vengeance dlc, but thats the only one which has good maps.


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This is a community forum not a treyarch forum. Coming on here won't get you your money back!

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No refunds. Or did you ignore that when you bought it on xbox Live ?

You made the choice to pay for something unknown in advance just like I paid for the same thing.

and if you think the elite maps we got were so great from IW you missed when they gave us all those 1x1 maps and when they sold the maps cheaper then we did before the season was up.

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Non-refundable, as per the terms on XBL when you made the purchase.

If you choose to pay up-front for something that you don't know what it will be, then more fool you

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They aren't OLD maps like Terminal being put on MW3. They are RESKINNED, its a NEW map, inspired from old maps. Its not exactly like Firing Range, Its Studio, Its not Stadium, its reskinned for it. Nuketown 2025, well thats kinda nuketown but that was free! Your arguement is invalid, No refunds, especailly after they release the 4th dlc? lol

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Actually not just reskined but some better effects too.

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Everybody's a victim.

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dont buy a pig in a poke.

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Is this the first CoD you played OP?  Every CoD game since MW2 has had rehashes in the DLC packs.  At least 3arc tries to make them fresh by reskinning them.  IW would give you the same turd you already had from past games (except for the pathetic paint changes on Terminal).

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Sorry but not going to happen. It even says so on xbl when you go and purchase it. So only person at fault is those that bought it expecting things to be how they wanted them to be.

I bought it, not happy about the remakes either; but not going to ask for a refund for I read and accepted the terms when I got the pass. I was aware this could happen. I took the risk, it worked against me; but oh well I got a couple player cards, dont have to worry about spending any more money for the dlc as it came out. So it was worth it in the end for me. Not exactly what was wanted; burned with elite too. so now the wiser and wont be doing it a third time. No matter what special offers they make about it or with it.

fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me. fool me thrice... NOT HAPPENING.

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