I cannot connect to online multiplayer, but my friends can?

Black Ops II Xbox 360


I cannot connect to online multiplayer, but my fri...

Hi, my name is Larissa and I am from Tasmania, Australia.

I have contacted Xbox support and they said to contact you at Activision.

My Xbox live is fine and my internet is working. I have had COD black Ops 2 for ages and have never had problems, now all of a sudden, it will not let me play online multiplayer. My friends can, and I can play it on my boyfriends Xbox but it will not play it on mine anymore.

I click online multiplayer and it says that the sever is down. However, I looked on your website and it is NOT down.

I cannot get online but my friends can and I can on my boyfriends Xbox. WHAT is going on???!! Please help!

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