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Black Ops II Xbox 360

perhaps one of the best posts regarding this game i have read to date.  good for you, i hope you enjoy your gaming experience. i enjoy the game myself!

signed - a 46 year old gamer

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you're new which is why you're not getting why people are complaining. Skilled players welcome the noobs. you're fresh meat and we're out to make you to never want to play this game again. It's a great accomplishment. Any who. Had you been around a while you'd know the other games were much smoother as far as game play goes. And the developers didn't try to make the game fair for everyone. Like you said "you adapt." And if you don't; too bad for you. What good is having ghost on if everyone can see you? Why even have sniper rifles? Why make smg's more useful than AR's? It was never a run and gun game. When you take strategy out of the game it becomes useless and a mindnumblingly stupid game. Let the player dictate the outcome not the developers.

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he said taint stomping

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Nothappy wrote:

But why in the world are you whining about lower skilled players?

Quickscoping should be banned.  Noooo...you should learn how to play the game.  I hear all complaints about online play but none about campaign play.  Because campaign is what it is. 

Everyone just grow up,  enjoy the game, 

help out the guy that goes 1 and 20 instead of degrading him.  He's on your team.



1. People are moaning at you because you probably lost a team based match single handedly by going 1 and 20?

2. No Quickscoping in the Campaign.

3. I'm older than you and I am grown up, I am enjoying the game, but I don't know of a better place to give the developers. feedback than the official forums.

4. How do you help a guy that just unloads clip after clip of an LMG just to hear the noise it makes in his headset? What you are doing is ruining the game for the other guys on your team. I would respectfully suggest that you do that sort of thing in Free For All matches where it is only you who suffers the consequences of your cavalier actions.

I hope you enjoy the game and have hours of fun playing it, but please have a bit of consideration and respect for other people who want to enjoy it too.

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My friends won't even buy the game because they played at my house the other night and it was horribly frustrating for them to get Run-N-Gun'd for a few hours.  Some of it was learning the new maps, but these are seasoned COD players struggling to get a single kill because everyone they shoot at turns around and kills them in one shot and everywhere they go someone runs around a corner and rocks them with an SMG.

Personally, I've taken to using a shotgun and riot shield with a flak jacket to counter the Run-N-Gun crowd and I'm really enjoying the game!

I agree with Ben, people need to voice their complaints in a constructive way and not just rage about lag or noobs or SMG's.  There's things to be said about each of those, but a lot of what I see is profanity and screaming.

If the game is really that bad, return it.

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