Is anyone else fed up of getting kicked and put on probation for no reason?


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Perhaps. I am not sure why you are seeing so many. I mostly play HCTDM. When I play with randoms, I am also hyper-aware and stay away from them as much as possible, and communicate constantly even if nobody else is.

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Is anyone fed up with the threads of "people being put on probation for no reason" when they are obviously team killing ?

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I never get kicked or put on probation until today. I was put on probation, then after the probation was up i got kicked 3 times in a row for 1 team kill? I know it was only 1 team kill because i went back and watched the video. Everytime it was some tool in hurry to run into my bullets.

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Was happening, not any more.

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Someone in this thread is not telling the truth.

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Last night I was in theater mode, my game froze, I restarted the game and I was put on probation, I wasn't even in a game. I have also been put on probation because I backed out of matchmaking to go to a different game mode, the game had not even started yet.

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That's okay I was playing skyrim and killed my companion and was put on probation when I started playing blops 2. Oddd....oh wait, that's sarcasm.

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i have been put on probation zero times. i have almost 18 days played. i used to think there was some way people get put on probation that don't deserve it, but its just not true. if you get put on probation you teamkill, dashboard, or quit A LOT!

i no longer have any sympathy for you bums that get put on probation, and then hop on here and lie about the reason why. you and i both know why you got probation in the first place, sit your five minutes that you deserve to be out for.

wah , but the host disconnected and i got put on probation you say? in my 18 days on the game i've had tons of hosts dashboard. it would have to happen several times in a row for you to get it. quit lying to yourself and everybody else.

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Same here, zero probation.

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Getting probation in League Play is pretty easy though lol Leave two games within a small window of time and I think you're on probation for 5 minutes. I get why they did it though. I have a bigger problem with how often you can lose 150 points for a loss, leaving or not lol (but I digress)

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