Lag or Hit detection?

Black Ops II Xbox 360

Lag or Hit detection?

I am having issues on black ops 2 that was simular to mw3 in that i see a enemy and on my screen i shoot first but the kill cam shows me shooting but the enemy taking no damage and killing me! i have set ports up tried it with just UPNP and even put my xbox in the DMZ nothing makes it any better. I have fibre optic FTTC internet 80 down 20 up and a 5ms ping. Can anyone suggest a way to improve my gaming experience on this game or is it that everyone is having the same issue and it is actually the game?   game modes i have played are ground war and 6v6 kill confirmed

edit: If it makes any difference i have a netgear N150 WNR 1000V3  Firmware WNR1000v3-V1.0.2.54_60.0.82 connected to a BT infinity  fibre modem

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