LagComp Video Discussion: BlackOps2 Edition

Black Ops II Xbox 360


As a follow-up to my original post on lagcomp in MW3, here is the BlackOps2 edition. Happy holidays.

You can find a chart at 5:45 showing the delays for a variety of pings, and a quick comparison to MW2 at 8:36.

5:45 - LagComp Summary

8:52 - Game Review



Video description will be updated regularly with common questions/info. Please read prior to posting questions/comments; your question may be answered already.

--New Info

0:30 Instant Death / Damage Spikes

1:25 Offline Lag


1:58 Broken Camera Hypothesis

3:28 Networking as a Developer: Quick Overview

4:58 Regular Matchmaking

6:15 Lag Compensation

8:11 Assumptions From Previous Titles

9:02 Hitbox Desync

10:16 Host Advantage in BO2: Clarification

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are you a serial killer?

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Sorry mate , I really tried, and I am really interested in these numbers, but I couldn't listen to that for longer than 6 minutes.

I think I got the idea from that point anyway.

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This was a very good video, I had already known of these delays but they appear to be even more problematic than I had thought. This information needs to be spread.

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The lag is back for me with a vengence, totally unplayable, at least 75% of the time.. Not really sure what to do at this point, probably have to shelve it for a while.

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You should post this to the official twitters.

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Would one of the more technical astute among us be as kind to explain the rationale behind introducing further player delay?

I thought this was to allow for interpolation so that a player moves smoothly between positions?

However, why is the delay so different between mw2 and bo2?

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I suggest you all shelve your game until its fixed, I got a full refund for mine and only play as a guest round a friends house(moslty combat training).

Ill tell you a game Im enjoying at the moment is medal of honor wf. I know it flopped but i find it plays really well.

Anyway the only way were going to get it through to 3arc/act is to stop playing.  I will now only play combat training offline as my own personal protest.

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Can anyone explain this please?

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You guys ever thought that this IS the way they want their game to play. Let’s not forget, the original minds behind the greatness that WAS COD, the original IW team. Since they’ve been gone this game has played like shi+ for me. Year after year it’s great ideas that are poorly executed. Core mechanics like hit detection and network code take the back seat to some ego trip’s shinny new idea he wants added. It’s stupid.

Truth be told, probably some exec wanted a theater component and the developers had to change the lag comp and smoothing code to accommodate it. The core mechanics of the game got screwed in the process. Oh well, no going back now. You cannot remove theater mode.

It is what it is...

They may feel untouchable right now, but there will be a day when a better game comes along. I can assure you.

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