League Play Points System...?

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League Play Points System...?

Hi all,

I love playing league play as it is the best part of one of the best games ever made.  However, just like every game, it has some issues.  I'm able to deal with most of them (e.g. overpowered weapons) but one thing keeps getting on my nerve: the points system.  Often time, I feel as though the points allotted do not even remotely equate with the quality of performance.  The following example could not be more perfect in explaining my issue.

My friend and I were playing together in a Slums Hardpoint match.  It was a full lobby and everything was going well.  At one point, my team was up 170 something to 90 something.  We were dominating the other team just then and victory seemed assured.  Then both of our teammates left within 10 seconds of each other.  My friend and I subsequently lost the game as a 2 on 4 Hardpoint match is practically impossible.  Despite the loss, I managed to finish positive and with the most captures and defends in the lobby.  My friends was close behind me.  We finished the game, expecting a -10 to pop up, maybe a bit more if we were unlucky, like -20 or -30.  Instead, we both received a whopping -130.  Remember that this was a game that we were bound to win until our teammates had left.  We were both appalled.

We are both very competitive players trying to reach rank 1 in our ladders.  However, this is incredibly difficult when we lose 130 points because our teammates left and the system could not see that we did not deserve -130.  My request is simple.  I have been searching the internet for awhile but have still turned up nothing.  All I want to know is how the game determines how many points you receive after each match.  I know it is normally a subjective matter and also quite complicated, but there are numerable matches (like the one I just described) where there is absolutely no fathomable reason that a player received the number of points that he or she did.  For an incredible game with amazing developers, this seems to be a problem that should never have arose in the first place.  Yet almost two years later and there is still nothing out there explaining this phenomenon.  I'm just looking for some answers.  If anyone knows anything, I would appreciate the info.  Thank you.

-A Concerned Player

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Re: League Play Points System...?

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I wish I could tell you why that crap happens, but I can't.. There have been times where I have been the only one on my team when the game begins, and I still lose 150.. I don't back out of games, bc supposedly you lose 150 if you back out, but if you stay, may only lose 10 or even 0.. Just what I have heard, so I have no clue.. I've lost 150 when I have been booted, and been given probation on top of it.. That pisses me off.. There needs to be something that will prevent you from losing points if your teammates leave the game, or are booted from the game.. Especially if it's before the game even begins.. The fact that they feel it's appropriate to take 150 away from you, when it's you vs. 4 people is beyond laughable.. But you know as well as I do, this game is broken and they don't intend on fixing it

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