League Play looking for answers

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League Play looking for answers

Hey all, Have you ever played league and wondered why you got placed where you did or why you scored what you did? I know Im not alone in wanting to know how it works. So that is why this thread is being made. I would like to compare gameplays to see what it is that we each do differently, and hopefully get a glance at the inner workings of League Play.

This is not about whos better. This is not a topic about "this guy totally does not deserve his rank, he sucks". I dont want any bashing, any bashing will be reported immediatly as trolling so please dont. Opinions can be voiced without bashing others.

Here are my first 8 games, the rest are waiting to be rendered and uploaded. I started out in Platinum and am currently Masters. It is my hope that the community can work together to find some answers

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Re: League Play looking for answers

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I only saw one game on there.

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Re: League Play looking for answers

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sigh okay give me a sec

Game 2:

Game 3:

Game 4:

Game 5:

Game 6:

Game 7:

Game 8:

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Re: League Play looking for answers

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If you actually want to do this, which sounds great, then it probably makes sense to try to get the data into some sort of usable format, and choose a format that everyone can easily obtain.  As a starting point, it would be helpful to have, for each match, the information contained on the final scoreboard. 

At a minimum, I feel like you need to detail your ladder points before the match, your win streak going into the match, your total W/L record before the match, the division and ranking of every player in the match, the final match score, your score, your teammate's scores, your kills, your deaths, the length of the match, how many ladder points you gained/lost, and when/whether you move up divisions.

This lets you compute:

-your score per minute for the match (and cumulatively)

-your score as a percentage of the total team score

-your K/D for the match (and cumulatively).

If we get enough data, a pattern may emerge where some or all of these are correlated to the points you earn and/or to when you move up a rank.

My own personal guess is that how many points you earn in a win, or lose in a loss, is based on both the relative strength and weakness of your teammates and opponents, and might also be based on your own score relative to your teammates scores in the round.

I think that moving up/down a division is based on your W/L ratio, possibly weighted by the strength and weakness of your opponents for each win or loss, and may also be based on your SPM.

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