League play members wanted

Black Ops II Xbox 360

League play members wanted

HI guys,

A friend and I have recently started playing league play and are having so many issue with team members bailing, or just not bothering to play the objective (I don't understand why they are playing league!)., There are also a huge amount of teams that we are paired with which makes winning the objective really tough! Bottom line we want to win an are keen to find some other guys to pair with on a regular basis who want to do the same.

If you're interested in teaming up, have a mic, I don't really mind about KD but do want people who want to play the objective.. add me and my pal - gamertags:

-BIZ Cooper


Or drop a response below.


p.s we are not master devision, but currently ranked 1st and 7th in silver, just looking to move up to gold or platinum. We are also both UK based.

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