Looking for People to play with (semi-competitively)

Black Ops II Xbox 360

Looking for People to play with (semi-competitivel...

Im Basically looking for people to play with. My main game right now is BO2 but if i can find the right people, ill play ghost. I have always played competitively(such as league play, gbs, a couple of tournaments). League play has always been my go to game type to play and i still play it all the time. Right now my friend and I are wanting to get this all started again where we play with people regularly. We would possibly be up for gbs, but thats not an immediate goal. Im trying to do Youtube, but i find it difficult if i just occasionally play by myself. So playing with interesting and good people will make it a hell of alot easier to produce content. Im in college so i have a very flexible schedule. Message me if you are interested in playing with my friend and me.

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