Looking for some halfway decent players

Black Ops II Xbox 360

Hey, I'm just looking for some players to party up with because I think Black Ops 2's skilled matchmaking is pretty. . . Well, broken. Putting all of the players who are sitting in the back eating playdoh with the one guy who's actually trying to get kills or capture objectives is nonsense. I'm just looking for people 13 or older that aren't constantly trying to be some "l33tquickscoperpro360" or bragging about how he no scoped a guy across the map back in CoD4 and can't get over it. All I ask is that you're decently competitive. Cap OBJs, I'm not a spawn trapper (at least not purposely). I mostly play TDM, S&D, and Domination. If you're interested, HMU on Xbox, GT: CheesyHotMelons. Good gaming guys!!!

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I am looking for a group of players to play with but I am in my 40's and I am looking for a more mature group to play with. Does this sound like what you are looking for?


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i am a commander of a black ops 2 brigade in a clan called RoG we are always looking for new people to join us to game with we have members that play all different types of matches in black ops 2 and we have just started game battles as well if interested in just gaming with us just send me a message on XBL GT: RoG FREAKZ u do not have to join the clan but maybe u might if you like what you see.

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