Multiple kill points and full party finding players issues.

Black Ops II Xbox 360


Is anyone else not getting the points for multiple kills?

Killed two people almost instantaneously with my gun last night and noticed I only got credited for one kill on the points. Thought it was just a one off but on three separate occasions it happened in different games. I also had a couple of double c4 kills during the evening and they only registered as a single kill on the points.

They counted on my kill total but the points were only for single kills. It doesn't seem to be an issue with score streak multi kills but just the load out equipment.

Also we were a full six last night and finding games was impossible, it kept placing us in lobbies with the same two randoms almost like it locked us with them. And it didn't add more players at any point. We switched party host so we all had a go at searching and also chose all the different search preferences but we kept getting place with the same players. We would wait for a good five minutes for more players to join but it didn't happen.

In the end two of our guys gave up in frustration and went to bed and as soon as we were a four finding games was so much easier.

Again anyone else having the same problem?

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Somewhat related, I had trouble getting BT's to register last night. I know two games in particular I had Merciless badges with a Ballista in attempt to get my last 2 BT's for Gold and they did not register (not running lethals, support killstreaks only, no secondary kills, etc.). For whatever reason they just did not "take".

If you carry it through to Merciless and the BT shows in the post game it should certainly retire the challenge but did not.

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The more they patch and "improve" this game, the crappier the network connections and matchmaking gets. Not only is matchmaking slower (looking for and analyzing matches), but yes, it's often impossible to get a match when in a full party. I think the longest I've waited is 30-40 minutes. Pathetic.

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We were laughing about it because it's like going back and playing an old title now with very few people online, despite the numbers playing BO2 it cannot find players at all when you are in a full party.

Put BO1/MW3 in and within a minute at most you have a lobby.

Has anyone noticed the points issue?

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