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Need a clan

.Need a clan.. k.d is 1.02.. thanks

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Re: Looking for a clan..

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Hello! I'm the co-leader of NBRS (Numbers) clan and we have about 18 members so far. We are a small competitive clan that could be a fit to you. If you're 16+ and have a mic, come check us out!

If you're willing to learn more about us, just send a message to GT: Boomarz

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Re: Looking for a clan..

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Greetings fellow BO II Gamer!

I'm the leader of EMP Clan and would like to recruit you! EMP is a fresh clan and with co-operation we are likely to expand massively, Above all, our clan is a freestyle clan, which will give you freedom over weapons and such.

Check my Forum out here for more information - EMP Clan is recruiting! Want to join?

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Re: Need a clan

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hey my clan is really good i will invite to one of our 6 mans or 1v1 qs.

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