OMG!!! to date !!!! LAG LAG LAG !!!!!!!!

Black Ops II Xbox 360

Its been the exact opposite for me, I might give it a go tonight to see if I'm back to "normal"

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The lag is terrible on this game the hit detection always seems off and most of the time you are 1 second or more behind but anyway i tried to give it a good go last night but most of the matches were terrible so i decided to change search settings back to normal i joined a game and 1st game no problems at all this game needs serious connection fixes.

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I am running into a lot of lag switchers lately as well, join game everyone is greenbar, then when you come up on someone you pause, and then you die.  Also at this point the lobby becomes very unstable as I believe the coding is trying to compensate for what is occuring inthe game.

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Yes, this new "hotfix"   .22 from .21 was the worst one.  I went from being on the good side of lag to being on the bad side in one night.  I'd not even turn a corner before a person around the corner already killed me.  Most fucking frustrating game night ever last night.

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Getting the jump on people only to fall over dead and kill cam shows them seeing me seconds before i see them. The delay just doesn't add up when you have a four bar which is supposed to be less than 100 ping and the other player is not host. Didn't play last night but it is completely unplayable today.

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I've played few matches 5 minutes ago and i couldn't find one single good lobby, nothing but 2-1 bar lobbies. Horrible matchmaking, horrible Host selection.

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mine's doing better than yesterday, it's still not right but at least people don't just walk into my hail of bullets, Terminator style, laugh then stab me in the face from 20 feet a way

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my game ran just fine.

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Last night, this last week in fact has been horrid....I equate it to playing in quick-sand...the first 5 seconds of every match are spent trying to get past internet connect interrupt and just literally getting out of my spawn....5 steps forward, thrown backwards....I take the same 5 steps three times it seems before the game gets underway....then once playing, I freeze...end up dead and by the time the screen un-freezes I've alread re-sapwend. I've played every last COD title to date and this by far is some of the worst lag I've ever experienced in this series...a true let down.

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Great vid. Shows why I quit this game.

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