OMG!!! to date !!!! LAG LAG LAG !!!!!!!!

Black Ops II Xbox 360


This guy has it figured out.  This is my favorite youtube commentator right now by far.

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In next Call of Duty the developers will say that we have to input our bank account data into elite so the lag will be fixed LOL.

How is it my fault that i get matched with Americans, Japaneses and Europeans all at the same time in one lobby? how? maybe it is my fault for being stupid and don't hacking and cheating in the game like many others do to get better experience.

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Haha brumac is hilarious!

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The fact that's it's so sporatic convinces me it will never really be looked at or fixed, I think we're stuck with this unstable game play. It's funny, right before I power my console up I always wonder if it's going to be a good day or a bad one, 35-5 or 5-35..

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Of course it wont be fixed, they already have your money lol

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