PS3 User wondering if Xbox users are experiencing excessive lag compared to previous COD Titles?

Black Ops II Xbox 360

I'm a PS3 Gamer and was wondering if those in the Xbox community were experiencing an excessively higher amount of laggy play versus previous COD Titles. I can throw in MW3 and people I shoot at actually die but when I play BO2 it really seems that it depends on who or where the host is. Thanks for any input.

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Read the forum bro.. Go back a few pages, it's all about lag.. This is the worst it's ever been.. Hopefully they address it soon.. Sucks that its even on PS3.. Which means the game and servers are flawed..

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Yes.. the majority of the xbox community is having the same problem. Even tho you will recieve multiple comments from Cod Fanboys saying otherwise and that it is your connection blah blah blah....

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This is really sad that both platforms are experiencing the same issues yet Treyarch hasn't even mentioned a peep about a fix.

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Kind of makes you lose faith in Treyarch, doesn't it?

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Vonderhaar does not admit that there is lag of any kind present in this game. Denial is a developer's best friend.

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I think it's hilarious that they want you to believe that it's your home network that's causing the issue. I can pop in any other title and not even come close to the issues I experience with BO2.

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Off topic but don't you think his name sounds like an upgraded Zombies weapon?

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Don't worry it's not just PS3 or yourself this game is a complete lag Fest ! Which is a pity because when it is running smoothly its probably one of the best CoDs to date . But unfortunately the Dev's won't even recognise this problem or at least they won't publicly .

   Not really seen much network changes in updates etc . You would think this would be the No.1 priority but unfortunately not they're more interested in fixing emblem bugs etc instead of lag and glitches that have plagued this game from basically the first week .

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I agree that when the game is actually playable, it is to me, the best one yet and I've played them all since Modern Warfare.

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