Patch Notes? Where Are They?

Black Ops II Xbox 360

When you play pc games like wow patch notes are released before the patches, but every call of duty dev team holds on to patch notes, and doesn't let the community know what they fixed.  This is completely unprofessional, we expect more, we don't know if they have nerfed weapons, changed spawns, fixed bugged lobbies, fixed freezing, fixed something that we all want fixed; lag compensation.

It gets worse every year.

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It's almost like they're trying to keep everyone in the dark and then waiting to see if we notice any difference.  I'm not impressed with Treyarchs communication with it's customers so far, even IW weren't this quiet.

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Jesus people.. relax.

Full patch notes tomorrow. Week 1 is down, but we are just getting warmed up. Have fun. Play hard. Shoot knifers in the face.

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full patch notes-

we fixed a few small things no one will notice , but did nothing to fix the lag comp that makes the game unplayble

have fun

David Vonderharr

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I notice a big difference in play from last week.  There was no lag people were dying quick (and so was I) knifing got a bit better and rockets actually kill people.  I can't wait to get back home to rock out.

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100% agree....the games this morning have been awesome.

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