Please keep up the good work!

Black Ops II Xbox 360

Please keep up the good work!

In my opinion, BO2 is VERY close to the perfect fps (for multi-player). So please keep going in the same direction for your next release! Sure there are a few things that could use some improvement but I just wanted to throw my 2 cents in to let you know that there are those of us that appreciate your game!

I, just like most moved on to Ghosts only to find one of the most horrible games to date for the COD series! Yes I spent many hours trying to adapt and have actually started to pull out more frequent plus TDM games (when lag comp allows). But there is one thing that I and some people I play with have discovered. We just don't have much fun! I thought that once I changed my game to compete in Ghosts that the fun would follow but it just hasn't. We can only take about an hour of it and we're done... We often find ourselves coming back to BO2 just so we can have fun again!

I would like to list all the things I love about BO2 but there would be too many. I know one thing I would like to mention is I love how the sniper rifle works! (I am a hard scoper by the way.) I also could list some of the things that I dislike about BO2 (which are few) but those have been repeatedly discussed on this forum so I'm not going to list those either.

Nothing else much to say but Thanks!

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Re: Please keep up the good work!

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I agree, i would like to still come home to BO2 for an update. And i have missed seeing that. And it upsets me.

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