Probation for leaving public matches early ? A.K.A KICKED FOR TEAM KILLS & TIME OUT

Black Ops II Xbox 360

Probation for leaving public matches early ? A.K....

so who's do I get "in touch with" TO FIX THIS  lmao  If only they were in reach .........    I only leave games that have such impossible b.s cheaters that are interfering with signals & or running bots & I WILL DO BEST TO SMASH THEM AS WELL,     

& I rarely leave for friend invites to party lobby's , make them wait mostly ....   I now  have a  5 minute? probation after  a match a friend spaced trying to fix his glasses  & got kicked   !  5 MIN    & when I got kicked for lemmings running in front of my SCOPED  L.M.G in nuke town its still making me wait  so 10 minutes in two games on Nuke town for idiots running in front of a fully automatic light machine gun with no call outs wile I HAVE A SCOPE BLOCKING peripheral      this had best & better quit soon   I only play cod  no other games    no other cod probation prior to tonight        not gonna pay for anything more  tell this crap stops 

why don't you remove the pathetic  cheaters from this one & past games that I loved tell you had to look under the maps to see people shoot you from under ground or in the sky     ffs......   

p.s   for that matter   why not give probation to those who get team killed    if one is fair so is the other          FIX THIS NOW

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Re: Probation for leaving public matches early ? ...

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well know one has modded the game to run bots, and I am pretty sure no one is cheating either.

Regardless of you excuse why you leave the games it is still YOU choice to leave the games, no one elses. And the reason you leave so many games IS and excuse. There arent that many cheaters much less that many bots in this game to cause you to leave the game.

Reason their is probation in this game because they majority of players demanded there be probation for people like you to leave games.

I have yet EVER received probation or a warning of probation in Black Ops 2.

As for getting probation for killing your team mates again that is your fault for being careless in your gameplay. The Entire team is not supposed to adapt to your gameplay , you are supposed to adapt to theirs.

They havent done anything to tweak probation since they introduced it and they never will so you better learn to adapt or enjoy more probation.

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Re: Probation for leaving public matches early ? ...

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Yeah, same happens to me. My internet sucks, and when i do get a game, it runs at about 1 frame a second, and appears to do so for everyone in the match. So i quit, get probation and then don't play for a week. Same thing happens. When i got probation for leaving a pre-game lobby, I decided I would write this post, stick it on any threads about this topic, tell treyarch to suck it an then never play it or any other CoD again on principal. I refuse to pay them 50 quid for a game i cant play. And then people wonder why piracy is on the rise! Spanners.

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