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Now no this is not the standard it is broken fix it, remove it, not fair, I hate it, you have not rights to do this sort of thread; but what this really is.. why does porbation only affect core or league seperately? I have had it in either mode and could just go to the other get around the probation. You would think if it was to combat dashboarding that it should be universal and work across both game types so a person had to actually sit it out.

As it works right now you can simply just jump from one game mode to the other and then do it again. Get it in leauge come to core or hard core, play a match.. leave...dashboard what ever... then go back to league and its over. Get it in hardcore, or core, just go search for a match in league.. if your lucky to atually find one in 5 minutes and play it the timer in core or hardcore is over.. go back to doing what you were doing before.

If they are going to hand them out it should be for every game mode: core/hardcore, league, private at the same time. Make it a true punisment and not some sad slap on the wrist for which it really is right now. Make it add a death and a loss to the stats each time as well. So stat padders feel the burn even more each time they do this.

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Re: Probation

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Did not know that.

This is the equivalent of sending a petulant child to their room as a punishment... where they have their flat screen TV, Computer, XBox... and other toys waiting for them.

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Re: Probation

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Yes it is. It really has no affect because there are simple ways to get around it like I just mentioned. And because there is no secondary burn to it, it really means nothing to those get it other than a measily 5 minutes of not playing in that game mode. A time that is so easily dealt with by watching one video in theater, working on one emblem.. looking at your barracks and checking challenges on each of your weapons or equipment. The 5 minute probation is just a minor slap and nothing more.

It needs to be universal and needs to include a death and loss and be for a longer time period and if you get it multiple times in one day the time length needs to double each time.

1 time 5 minutes.. 1 death.. 1 loss.. cannot play any game mode...not even zombies.

2 time 10 2 2

3 time 20 4 4

4 time 40 8 8

5 time 80 16 16

6 time 180 32 32

7 time banned for 8 hours 64 deaths and 64 losses.

manage to get an 8th in one day.. get a one day ban with 100 losses and deaths added to stats. then it resets and starts over again.

the tally count should only reset each day a full 24 hours have to go by before you are clear again from any previous quits/dashboards/probations not being counted...

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Re: Probation

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Only dashboarded a few times always from DOM...only got the probabtion notice once.  I have noticed some of players with great stats at the start of the game aren't in the final.  Didn't realize it was only a 5 minute timeout....enough time to poop and comeback. 

Apparently Xbox cant capture the stats when you dashboard.  If they could - the punishment would be to give a loss and double times killed.  I'm just assuming the reason to dashboard it to save k/d.

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