Rather than the 4 bar for ping, I rather wish it would just say the ping

Black Ops II Xbox 360

Ok cool.  So we've ruled out that you really are just bitter.  I'm still waiting for that proof. You gonna give it to me or just keep calling me names?

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Uhm, screenshots were posted, and removed by moderator per maccabi's covenience.

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You keep thinking that dude. 

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4 Bar in previous cod's seemed to be around 75ms

4 Bar in black ops 2 seems to be around 100ms

I have a friend from the uk with a garbage connection

that used to be 4bar then 3 bar then 4bar etc on mw3

His ping to me is between 70 and 80ms depending on his jitter

in black ops 2  he's a solid 4 bar

and american friend from new jersy has 76ms to me and is 4 bar

an american friend from new mexico has 126ms to me and is 3 bar

an american friend from california has 170ms to me and is 2 bar

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