Report still works ?

Black Ops II Xbox 360

Report still works ?

I'm seeing boosters everyday, is someone from treyarch still watching reports ? or they want us to move to Ghosts ? laggy servers , boosters , are they trying to make us move to ghosts ?

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Re: Report still works ?

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Yea I have been dealing with so many booters in Championship league that it isnt even funny..You can go from winning a good game into a notice saying "Connection Lost to Host" when it really should say some that "some pathetic kid had to use a hack to boot you, because he didn't want to lose"... One of my favorites is how everyone is green no lag or anything then all of a sudden "Connection Interrupted";however, the game is still going and the other time is winning now and ur teammates are mysteriously timing out or have lefted the game, but the one person on the other team is still moving and playing though.....

To answer your question no they don't monitor the reports or anything on this game due to ghosts being out.. I do prefer IW;however, they did a poor as job with Ghosts and it is very disappointing.. 3arc makes good campaigns,but as far as multiplayer they need to cut it out.......

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