Rushing in Black Ops 2

Black Ops II Xbox 360

i agree today ive had more of what i consider to be normal games maybe 20 out of the 60 matches i played today? i give the game 3 months before i stop and go back to playing ultimate marvel vs capcom3 and street fighter and trust me the lag is horrendous in those games sometimes but atleast my opponent isnt 1 second ahead of me and already blocking an overhead that hasnt happened yet...

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thats bad lag? fuck iv'e got it bad thats a good game for me.

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no sorry if I misstated  I was saying I usually have bad lag in Black Ops 2, not that this game was bad lag.  This game things were fine. 

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Nice gameplay, but it seems in this game when solo having a "really good game" is based off of random chance than of skill.

People spawn behind you all the time and it's easy to get hit in the back with how the maps are designed, so to get a game where that doesn't happen every other spawn it's luck.

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yeah I agree, sometimes I have a game where I can do well regardless of connection, but only if you're lucky enough to completely keep everything long-range and avoid head to head 50/50 encounters, which are 90/10 for the other guy when the connection sucks.

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