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When I play S&D, there is always one idiot who does this. I'm just so sick of this!

From the start he lies somewhere (either a good hiding place, or not at all), while holding a shock charge / black hat in his hand as if he is ready to throw it out. There he lies until he is the last remaining on his team. Sometimes he gets up and tries to finish the mission towards the end, but usually he lies there until the time goes out, or he is killed (in most cases he is).

So whats up with holding this shock charge/black hat/emp grenade in his hand?! THere is always one of these guys, and I just can't understand what the purpose of this is?'

And don't tell me he is a camper blabla, I know, but Im getting crazy here because of the holding-grenade thing! Anybody knows?

Sorry for my bad english!

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he playing the ninja playstyle this nothing new to S&D if you hold equipment in your hand in bo2 it makes your player model look dead. so most players looks pass you. alot these players hide near bomb sites to ninja defuse right under the enemy nose. sometimes it works sometimes it dont.

you need to calm down if your getting so mad on how someone plays the game i'm guessing you die alot in S&D and while watching your teammates you find reason to blame them why you lost a round.

and im not a camper or anything i rush in S&D i have 300+ bomb plants with 60 defuses and 2.00 k/d  in S&D

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Thank you so much! I've been wondering this for so long, an nobody else could answer.

Yes I do have to calm down.. Luckily my K/D ratio in S&D are well over 1.50 or so and over all K/D are 1.13, so thats not a problem. I am usually the one saving my team from loss, but when I die, I end up spectating and this is the type of guy who are always in the game..

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