Shock Charge/ Bouncing Betty are OP

Black Ops II Xbox 360

dont have mms on a gun yet, close tho with the vector.  I use engineer and black hat, although i did just prestige and used the token on ghost. Its just the combination that pisses me off

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Came across two guys that where laying BB every where,camping with them etc  ! Really annoying lol especially since they are harder to duck than in MW3.

  The next game I put on Engineer and problem solved plus 50 Pts for everyone you destroy Smiley Happy

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Flak Jacket, Engineer, Tactical Mask, Blackhat PDA. Use the counters given to you if you're having a problem with it, if you don't want to use them then you have no one to blame but yourself if you die to them.

Btw, Shock Charges have a very distinct crackling electricity sound so if you don't bull-rush around the map like an idiot it's easy to avoid them without Engineer/Tactical Mask.

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I have to agree with MDUB. You embarrassed yourself with this post, OP.

There's a counter for everything-even if its just the Mark One eyeball.

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Agreed with above poster. If you use your eyes you can generally avoid those situations. Or if you listen for the shock charge which makes a distinctly loud crackling noise when you get near. Definitly an embarassing post though.

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try using engineer and the backhat pda along with flak jacket then you wont have to worry about them being overpowered

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Sorry, but I don't agree.

I discovered on day one that all one needs to do to avoid Betties is hit the ground when you hear them go off. Sometimes, all you have to do is crouch, not even go prone. They jump into the air before going off, so if you are below the explosion, you are in no danger. Feels easier to me in this title to avoid them than ever before.

Shock charges are incredibly easy to spot. They have a bright red light on them, and you can hear them before you see them

I run engineer on just about every class. Playing HC, it really helps to find where people may be attempting to camp or control an area. Combined with the Black Hat PDA... you can use them to your advantage. Just get close enough and hack them, it is amusing how many times the other team will run into them instead.

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I love catching the people who run around aimlessly with the old shock charge betty booby trap... there are more than enough counters to it, so no need for a nerf. 

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Um... you can still go prone/crouch while shocked, and explosives don't do much damage anyways, especially rockets, so no.

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Yes, give up extreme conditioning or dexterity just to get past one set of noob equipment with no guarantee of killing the fxcker camping in the room.

Yes, use engineer/tac mask which is useless on 99.5% of the map, and only useful in that one small wee area near the camper.

See how unbalanced this game is?

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