Shock Charge/ Bouncing Betty are OP

Black Ops II Xbox 360

Engineer and EMP. End of story...

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Think about it like this, they are using two pieces of equipment for what they could use one peice of equipment for with a claymore.

Your just gonna have to use Engineer. Its a very useful perk really.

I will say Betties should be disabled by Flashbangs or Consussion like Claymores are but oh well, ive learned my lesson from that long ago, no need to change it now lol.

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Best advice I could give would be Engineer and emp's these 2 are great for your issue.

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Easy fix, listen for the loud-as-F sound emitted by the shock charge. Crouch walk round the corner, problem soved.

I love it when people camp in windows, because you can climb up the front of most of em in this game. I love giving campers a peekaboo surprise

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thephillieflyer wrote:

Ok, my friend and i both have this problem, we always go after campers,  sometimes for trolls

sometimes for trolls? haha

thephillieflyer wrote:

But with this game, every camper has his shock charges set up like claymores, and a betty right on top of them, completly incapacitating you and making it so you cant drop to avoid the betty. 

this stuff was fun when the game started, doesn't work much anymore.

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I never go without engineer. 

One of the funnest and funniest things I like to do is to shoot one or two of them and then just run away and play elsewhere.  Gets the campers paranoid thinking someone's coming. 

If he's still there after a while, then try to kill 'em because there's no more betties, etc. to protect them. 

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Tac mask

Lie down when shocked to miss the Betty


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2 EMP Grenades + Scavenger, this should get the job done.

Just toss EMP's at a building before rushing in, get the kill, scavenge EMP's, then move on to the next campsite.

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So Pretty much your saying, you got your butt kicked and you refuse to adapt?

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As pointed out... you can still crouch when shocked. Easily avoid the Betty then get the kill when they come looking to see who they caught in their "trap".

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