Since the hotfix today (connections etc)

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Re: Since the hotfix today (connections etc)

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AirborneI wrote:

Had some issues earlier when the hotfix hit. Feels back to normal now.

Ditto. After a few hours the problem went away. so I guess it wasnt the hotfix, it was just probably the internet....

But only for THIS game for about 10 hors ?????

Maybe everyone didnt get the hotfix throughout the day at one time.

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Re: Since the hotfix today (connections etc)

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I noticed that it started happening about the time all the kids were getting home from school and getting online. I started playing today when the population was in the 45,000 range in TDM ... watched it get into the 80k+ range ... and eventually go back down into the 60k+ range ... and the number of incidences where the weird stuff was happening with the connections followed the same curve as the population.

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Re: Since the hotfix today (connections etc)

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I can confirm that, the game is unplayable when the kids are at home from school. I think the kids download some stuff on their pcs while playing online or something like that. I've noticed it in previous CoDs before that the lag only starts during 2pm till 10pm.

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Re: Since the hotfix today (connections etc)

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starbuckfrack wrote:

Since the hotfix that (hopefully) fixed the probations...

Has anyone noticed that ALL the lobbies in Black Ops 2 are getting around 4 or 5 ONE bar people in the lobby in the middle of the match ? Everyone else has 3 or 4 bars ?

I know it happens when a gamer and a guest get in sometimes but today its been every game that goes 1 bar for me and 3 or 4 others.

Never happened before, just mostly pretty good connections with no one really going one bar at all.

The one bar stage happens for about 30 seconds to a minute and goes away.

There are also signs of rubber banding,

hopping left and right backward

players freezing in place for 30 seconds

Yada yada yada.

MW3 was running fine for the half hour I tested it.

I also cannot tell if this was after the patch because I havent played in a few days.

(Please stay frosty and please no hate Blops posting, thanks.)

BTW its in Austin area and I think the matchmaking is now severly screwed if its the last update. Before almost everyone had at least 3 bars tthe whole game.

GUYS!   It's not the game!!!!!   It's our routers!!!   See, what you have to do is configure this, and configure that.  DMZ this, and put this over there.. set up your wyler mod to 8.8, and then make sure the flux capacitor is on full.     Then the game will work.

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Re: Since the hotfix today (connections etc)

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Its still happening tonight.  Several people will go to one bar. When you do, you cant do anything but back out, or get killed over and over.

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