The new patch is amazing

Black Ops II Xbox 360

The new patch is amazing

Thank you Treyarch for finally doing something to stop all the people who continue to use the snipers in ways they werent designed in order to gain an advantage which some might argue was unfair. The recent nerf to ADS time and fire rate will barely affect those who use the snipers in the way they were meant to be used, at long ranges, while making it harder for quickscopers to get the easy kills that they are used to. Although many of the children and other people who abused the snipers are upset, the patch benefits the community who choose to play correctly. So, for once, you did good Treyarch. Thanks.

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Re: The new patch is amazing

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Wow! I hope that is true- Quickscopers have been multiplying like rabbits.  Hey I like plinkin rabbits like every one else but the quickscoping thing is a bit too much.

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