Theatre mode is a mess

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Theatre mode is a mess

Im not huge on uploading videos to youtube, but once a month I think about it and decide to upload a couple. I preferred BOPS1's theatre mode. It was easy to navigate. MW3s was aggravating to me and I thought that they should have made it simpler. But I liked that you could save like 30 videos and come back to them at any time. Rendering took 48 hours to appear which I thought kinda made it pointless.

All that said Bops2's theatre mode is a joke.  I have been playing around with it and the only thing I can say thats positive about it is that when you render it doesnt take 48 hours to show up lke it did in MW3. The problems though make it so its not worth it to attempt.

1.) You cant access the file manager unless you try to save a 9th film. Aggravating enough that you can only save 8.

2.) Then theres like a separate section where when yo go to render you can only save 3. WTF is going on here, you cant access this either unless by accident.

3.) The free float cam doesnt show peoples names over their head.

4.) Theres no timer on how long the clips are youre recording.

5.) For whatever reason it takes 30 minutes to render a 45 second video, that gives you an error at the end and says there was a problem.

6.) Half the time you go into see recent films and its just a picture of the screen turning and it doesnt allow you to view anything at all.

These are actually only a couple of the problems as there ha to be like 20.

How is it that they put so much stock into theatre mode production and that this one is worse than Bops 1's?   How does something like this change and now its garbage?  Why isnt this addressed in any way as completely broken. Are you guys having these same issues?   Im not even huge on spending the time it takes to render these, but damn it doesnt work even if I wanted to.

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