This is it guys, it isnt gonna change much.

Black Ops II Xbox 360

This is it guys, it isnt gonna change much.

I'm gonna explain it in simple words and you can make out of it what you want. This series isnt made for adults anymore. Long gone are the large open maps that allowed for different play styles like mid ranged assault confrontations and sniping battles. The logic as to why is that these 2 companies believe that more action makes for a better game. Closer battles make for more action, and a better chance of being able to create a montage with 5-6 consecutive kills that will in turn make for great game promotion.  Unfortunately this means spawns will be horrible, and the only game style left is the CQ smgs or shottys.

On top of that as discussed in other threads, this game has taken a socialist approach in handicapping specific peoples internet to give everyone a 50/50 chance of winning these CQ battles.

Until  the people speak out on these TINY CLUTTERED MAPS and this socialistic control of our internet, this is what youre gonna get.

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Re: This is it guys, it isnt gonna change much.

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Personally I dont mind the close quarters, or the attempt to make internet connections a 50/50 deal.

Its a good thing in my book. Many many people I have noticed complain, maybe im not a hardcore gamer like I thought I was, but in my opinion I rarely ever have issues.

I do agree spawns are horrible. This and getting stuck on the loosing team down by 30 points with 3 minutes left in the game if I am connecting alone and not in a party. But other then that, im pretty content.

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